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Control de accesos IS con llave inteligente y cierres autónomos

IS system consists on an electronic key, a wide range of electronic locks and a very intuitive management software. It manages the accesses in multiple applications (doors, cabinets, fences, vans...). Its an access control system with electronic locks without batteries and without maintenance. All event information is stored in the smart key. IS is designed for the most sensitive areas of your installations.

Control de accesos CS con tarjeta RFID y manillas sin cables ni baterías

SKL CS System is a proximity access control with electronic locks and without wires. It has easy installation and minimum maintenance. Used to manage the transit of users in a building. Each user can have a single RFID card for all allowed access. CS system is recommended for buildings with more doors than users, for example a hotel.

Control de accesos para hoteles con tarjeta RFID y manillas sin cables ni baterías

CS Logic System is a proximity access control with electronic locks and RFID cards. CS locks do not have wires and do not need wi-fi.

This system has a easy installation and minimum maintenance. Each guest or employee can have a single RFID card for all allowed access.




Control de accesos WS para trabjar on-line

The WS system is an access control solution for installations with a large flow of people. The WS system can work on-line and off-line. It can be a good option for access control in buildings with electric gates. Each controller can operate with one, two or four doors. Using two readerst it could be possible to register the inputs and outputs.


Control de accesos GSM para abrir o conceder permisos con el teléfono móvil

In SKL we have different products that can open the door with a mobile phone. Devices with GSM technology or bluetooth, to open the door without the need of being present. Being able to choose the phones that have permission to access, and managing the accesses from your smartphone.

Cerradura electrónica invisible y otros complementos en cerrajería

Invisible electronic lock for extra security in your home. We also have electromagnets, fittings and other accessories for the locksmith of your company or apartment. Feel free to ask what you need and we will advise you, so you can find what you are looking for.



The company Feliciano Aranzabal S.A. (IFAM brand) was founded in 1940 by the Aranzabal brothers, Feliciano and Timoteo, in Mondragón (Spain) as small artisan factory that produces padlocks by zinc smelting and later manual machining. The brand IFAM, acronym of Industrias Feliciano Aranzabal Mondragón, has been establishing in the national territory with an image of quality and a service recognized by the market. In order to boost sales in the international market in 1992, IFAM France is created in Bordeaux (France) and IFAM UK in London (United Kingdom)


In 2012 Feliciano Aranzabal S.A. launches a project related to access control and creates the company IFAM Electronic Locks. It is intended to complete the offer of locking systems (padlocks, cylinders, anti-theft, locks, ...) to cover the management needs of accesses not covered by mechanical locking systems. In 2015, the Aranzabal family, after a deep strategic thinking, sells the companies of classical mechanical area and centers the efforts in the development of the electro-mechanical area.


And in order to identify the company better, its name is changed to SKL Smart Key & Lock. In short, a solution that, through keys and smart locks, achieve access control and permission management, being able to reach a higher level of security.




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